Testing a Product Engine - Detail

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In this document we will cover the testing of a product engine to see and verify the costing detail for materials, as well as the cost and time detail of equipment and labor functions.
This will help you verify your calculation costs and time for each individual product engine. 
Note: Costs are shown without markup, if you are using a retail pricing method this will NOT be your true costs (Example: If your actual "Click Charge" is .024, and you have placed .24 in the unit price in your production process the detail will show the billable as cost.
If you are using a cost-plus method of pricing you would have entered in the actual click charge of .024 and placed a 100% markup value in the unit pricing markup section of the production resource, your true cost will be shown.
Step 1 - (Settings> Product Engines)
  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Product Engines
  3. Select the Edit icon to the left of the product engine you would like to test
Step 2 - Arrange Prompts and Test 
  1. Arrange the prompts by click+hold the "Hamburger" icon and drag to the position you would like the user to answer it in.
  2. Select Test
Step 3 - Analyse Product Engine Detail
  1. Answer the prompts in your product engine and select the "Calculate Job Plan" button
  2. This is an overview of cost
If you see that a material, equipment, or labor function is not what you think it should be you have (4) four options... 
  1. edit the calculation formula within the product engine itself.
  2. Make an addition or edit the production process with a product resource.
  3. Copy and edit a similar production resource and create/edit/delete the production processes. 
  4. Create a new production resource with new production processes.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support