Ch. 001b. Installation (AWI 2)

The Automated Workflow Integrator version 2 only works with Pressero v6.  It is currently in beta and should be used carefully.
In the near future AWI will be made available via the Windows and Mac stores. Currently you may download the installers here. Be sure to unzip the installer first.
On Windows, once the installer has finished successfully, you can get to the application icon through Start Menu > All Apps > Aleyant (Windows). The installer also adds a shortcut icon to the desktop after installation (Windows).
AWI Installer Downloads (updated 9/11/2017)
Macintosh (see Mono Framework notes below)
Linux (Current Linux version is
Important Items to note:
  • The downloads are zip files, if the file extension is lost when downloading the installer file, then you can just add .zip onto the end of the downloaded filename and it should then let you double-click to extract the installer.
  • For Mac users: Current release of Mono Framework 4.8 ( is incompatible with AWI. You will need to download and install Mono Framework after downloading AWI. You will need MonoFramework-MDK- If you are running a newer version of Mono Framework, you will need to uninstall the current version, notes on uninstalling Mono Framework can be found here
  • If the AWI installer you are using is the latest version, and it reports that there is a newer version of the program installed, you will have to use the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel functionality to remove AWI from that machine. Then install AWI using the current installer. The database file containing your settings and order information is separate from the installer, and is not modified when the installer is run. If you do wish to backup your AWI settings and rules, you can make a copy of the database file located in a path similar to this on your computer. C:\Users\userAccount\Documents\AutomatedWorkflowIntegrator\database.db