How do I post on the Aleyant User Forum?

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We are asking our users to post their ideas, suggestions and feature requests on our Aleyant user forum.  The forum is located at  You will need to create a username and password for the forum.  (Please note - this is NOT the same as your Pressero admin username and password.  You will actually need to create your own login credentials on the forum.)  You will need to wait for your account to be verified and approved before you can post on the forum.  Once your account has been activated, you can post on the forum by following these steps:
1)  Login to the forum.
2)  You will be taken to the home page.
3)  You will need to select the section of the user forum to which you would like to post.  Click on that section.
4)  To post, you will need to click on the "Post Topic" button.  See  the screenshot below to see where this button is located.
5)  Please note that in order to receive email notifications when new posts are added to a thread that you created or would just like to follow, you will need to add that post to your favorites by clicking the star at the top of the page.  See the screenshot below to see where this button is located.