How do I enable Fotolia integration on my account?

In Fotolia, under My Account, there is an API option. The API Key must be retrieved and entered into the eDocBuilder Admin tab in your account with your Fotolia account credentials. 
When you log into your eDocBuilder account, go to the Admin tab, and there is a link for the  Fotolia Credentials section is at the top of the Admin tab. API Key, Username, Password and type of License must be set. 
Fotolia then needs to be enabled for specific templates. Go to the Templates tab and edit a template. Under Template Info tab, there is a Fotolia Integration section that allows for enabling Fotolia on that template and setting a title for the Fotolia tab that will show on the template when using the upload window.
Make sure you have Fotolia credits available in your account otherwise your customer will not be able to use images and will only be able to view watermarked versions.