How Does Split Shipping Work?

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 Split shipping is supported two ways:
  • Single Product. For split shipment of a single product, there are three methods:
    • Add the Product Once for Each Location. If the same product needs to be split shipped to, say, three locations, add the product to the cart three times. Then select the Ship To location for each.
    • Location List File Upload. If the product to be split shipped needs to be added once to qualify for a quantity price break, add a "Shipping List" file upload to the product and add an instruction in the Description area. Customers can use the file upload to attach their list of split ship locations and how they want the quantity split among them.
    • Location List Form. Alternatively, add a Form to the product's Description area that collects the split shipment location and quantity allotment details.
Please note that for the Location List File Upload  and the Location List Form options for using a Single Product, a single product can only have one shipping destination in the Pressero system.  Therefore, if you have turned on the display shipping address location list setting in a B2B site or in a B2C site, the user will only be able to select a single shipping location on the product detail page and/or the shopping cart page.  Allowing the user to enter various shipping locations on a form or in a file upload would not be reflected in this shipping drop down list.  This could potentially cause confusion for your users.