SmarterMail Email Service

Please note: As of 4-1-15 E-mail hosting will no longer be available through Aleyant. If you are currently using our e-mail service you should have received information about this change. Please create a ticket for our support team if you need any assistance.  Links to helpful articles on switching to a new provider can be found at the bottom of this document in the help section.
SmarterMail Email Services
Your Pressero account may come with email hosting. We use the SmarterMail Enterprise email server. This excellent email solution includes web based administration to allow you to quickly and easily manage email accounts, aliases, and settings.

SmarterMail provides online documentation, but knowing where to start can be a bit confusing. Please follow these steps to perform email administration:
  1. When Aleyant provisions email for you, one account will be designated as the administrator of the domain. This account can be a unique account that is generally not used for day-to-day email (such as or can be the account of an existing user. Keep in mind that creating a unique admin account will count against the number of email accounts that your Pressero account allows.
  2. Login to using the account that is designated as being the administrator.
  3. Click the Gears icon on the left side of the screen. This will show two folders in the navigation area: “My Settings” and “Domain Settings”. Click the plus sign next to the Domain Settings (if not already expanded) for general administration of your email domain.
  4. From here you may navigate to the section you wish to administer. For example, to add, update, or delete email accounts, click the Users option.
  5. Each page has a help link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Clicking this will open up SmarterMail's documentation.

Using an Email Client
If you use an email client, such as Outlook, you can configure it with the following information:
  1. The incoming mail server type is POP3.
  2. The outgoing mail server type is SMTP.
  3. The Incoming/Outgoing email servers are (Replace DOMAINNAME with your domain name.)
  4. Be sure to use the full email address as the account name.
  5. Make sure the outgoing server authenticates. Use port 587.
  6. We do not require Secure Password Authentication
Aleyant takes email security seriously.  Please be aware of the following restrictions:
  1. Email passwords must be at least 8 characters, contain a number, and not match your user name.  We encourage you to use a service like  to generate a robust password.
  2. Each email account may send no more than 50 messages per hour.  Any attempts to send more than 50 will be rejected.  If you need to have this limit increased, please contact technical support and provide justification for this request.
  3. If your email password is compromised and/or is used to send spam through your account, your account will be disabled.  


SmarterMail Help
  1. See SmarterMail Help for details on the email system.
  2. Each SmarterMail webpage has a help link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Clicking this will open up SmarterMail's documentation.
  3. Help can also be accessed by going to:
  4. Migrating from Aleyant email service to Zoho
  5. Alternatives to Aleyant email hosting
  6. Moving your Aleyant email hosting to a different company (Q&A's)