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There are a few steps you will need to take to enable the integration between Pressero and Virtual Systems Midnight:

1) Create an admin user in Pressero that the integration system will utilize.  In general this admin user will have full permissions throughout your Pressero account. 

2) Contact Virtual Systems technical support and request your TokenID to be used for integration.

3) Submit the admin user account (both email/username and password) along with the TokenID to Aleyant technical support and request that the integration be provisioned.  Please allow 2-3 business days for this to be completed.

The integration with the Midnight system from Virtual Systems has a few requirements to properly function:
  • Each Pressero B2B site is considered to be a Customer in Midnight.  This customer must first be defined in the Midnight system.  Enter the Midnight customer ID into the Integration ID area in Pressero (site settings for the B2B store).
  • Midnight requires that each order be associated with a sales rep.  To set this up, get the Sales Rep ID from Midnight and enter into the Integration ID area in Pressero (admin user settings).  Next, in the site settings area of Pressero, associate that administrative user with the site as the sales person.
  • All products in Pressero must be correlated with a ServiceID in Midnight.  To do this, enter the Midnight ServiceID into the Integration ID area in the Pressero product admin area.
Orders from Pressero will not be pushed into Midnight until the order is approved (assuming approval is needed) and payment is received (assuming payment is required).  Orders are generally pushed after 15 minutes to allow enough time for any associated eDocBuilder files to finish processing.