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With the HP Site Flow integration the user can manage the print items, create products, it’s print configuration and parameters, shipping configuration and reports.  It’s a complex tool, that requires some attention when configuration the HP – Pressero integration.




Embedded Services


The first step to create the Embedded Services, for this access the Embedded Services Menu Item and then click on the Add new account:



In the configuration UI, you must set the Service Name, select the Provider (HP Site Flow), the site admin user that will handle the integration, the HP Access Key, Secret, Destination and select the server to use.



The destination is the customer name on HP Site Flow, to get this name, on HP Site Flow, click on the Orders Tab and then on the + button.



The application will then show the order creation UI and there the customer name will be visible.



After setting the Embedded Service configuration click on the save button. With the Embedded Service created is now time to activate the integration on the desired site. You can use the same embedded service on different sites, but you must activate the integration manually for each site you want to use it.


Site Settings


On the site settings, go to the tab Embedded Services and then activate the integration:



The first option: Is Live indicates that the integration is Ready for Production, the second Enabled, indicates that the integration is active. You can have an integration with just the Enabled option set to true, this allows the user to set all the necessary configuration before putting it into production.


After checking both items, click on the save button and now you’ll have the option to synchronize the Orders with HP and to synchronize the status of items that were already sent to HP.



But before synchronizing there are a few steps necessary to make to allow smooth integration.


Product Configuration


HP Site Flow has its own lists of products and we must map the HP Product to Pressero Product, for this we use the HP Product SKU and add this information to Pressero’s Product Integration ID.





This allow the HP system to recognize the item as a valid product on Site Flow.


Also, on the Product Page on Pressero we must set the product Component information, this information changes for each product on HP side and basically is a tag for the Product uploaded file, a way to identify the kind of file so the HP system knows how to process it and print it.


For example, for the Book SKU, we have two components, Cover and Content, so on Pressero side we need to create two upload fields, the user MUST upload those two files, otherwise HP will reject the order. For each of the uploads, use the "Tag" fields to enter each of the two component names so they will be mapped with the files being uploaded by the customer.


After configuring all the products, making all the necessary mappings and Part Number configuration, there’s another step to take and that’s shipping.




HP Site Flow also handles the product shipping, but to make the integration work properly the user must send a shipping method that exists on HP Site Flow, otherwise the order will be rejected. So, all the shipping methods available to a site on Pressero must match a shipping method availed on HP Site Flow. To see the list of available methods on Site Flow, click on the Shipping Tab and then on Shipping Method.



From there the site will show all the methods available and will give the option to create new ones.



After setting all the configurations, mappings and shipping settings, you can now set the integration as Is Live to true.


Pushing Order


So, when the user places an order on Pressero and everything is ok, that means:

  1. Order is Paid (or is open terms)

  2. All items are approved

  3. No Items are denied

  4. No items are marked as Cancelled

  5. All eDoc files are OK


The order will then be pushed to HP Site Flow server and the user will be able to see the integration details on the Order Item details page, Embedded Service Tab.




To get the latest order status from the HP server, go to the site settings, embedded service tab, select the integration, check the Synchronize Order Status checkbox and then click on Synchronize, Pressero will then fetch the data from HP servers and update the order status and shipping information automatically.


To set the item as shipped on Site Flow, click shipment group information on the order details page, click on cogs icon and set the item as shipped.