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Version: 8.5
Released on: 5/24/2018
Automation scripts and templates download
Template file:
Sample file:
Billboard at 1/48 scale with options to add thumbnails, job info, installation marks, warning  labels.
  • 1 page PDF artwork


Trim size various

Production file
Add 0.125” of white to all sides (6” at full size) 
Create Install Marks, install marks indicate Live Size for installers
Corner marks (bottom left & right)
Info created for pocket area :
Place “Pocket Label” in white pocket area  around entire perimeter
Pocket Label needs to have the following info : (see sample file)
·         Small Image of Live Area (thumbnail)
·         Job #
·         Live Size
Place Location Labels (Top Left, Top Right, etc)
Place Warning copy in white pocket area around perimeter : “Do NOT fold graphics ink-to-ink. Folding ink-to-ink can cause damage to image” 
Check if font is not embedded
Set black to overprint and white text and vector to knockout