• Integration - Presswise via Embedded Services

PRESSERO > *Integration information & Supported Services
To activate the Embedded Service and take advantage of the Integration with Presswise It is necessary that Aleyant staff authorizes the subscriber to access the Embedded Service menu item. After that, the menu will be available and the user will be able to set the configuration for the partner they were setup to integrate with.
Create a New Embedded Services Account 
Admin > Embedded Services > Create New Account. Set the Presswise username, password, authorization code, URL, set the initial status (right now only the New is available) and check to send the pricing information on the notes field if that is desired.
Site Settings:
The Embedded Services tab will show information related to all the integrations available, it’s possible to have more than 1 Presswise account associate to a site. After activating the integration, it will be possible to start the synchronization process. This process offers two options:
  1. Order Synchronization - where Pressero will send all the orders placed in the last 30 days to Presswise.
  2. Order Status Synchronization - this one will get the status to all orders already pushed to Presswise, update the item status, and if the order has shipment information this will also add the information to the order item. 
Due to a limitation on the Presswise end, Pressero will not be able to get the item status automatically so the user will have to start the Order Status Synchronization process manually.
On the Order Detail page there will be a tab for Embedded Services, that will only appear if the order has been pushed to a partner (like Presswise) even if the process fails. Here you will be able to see some information regarding the synchronization, like the order status on the partner, the integrated order number, and the error message if Pressero fails to push the item.
If the item is not pushed successfully to the Partner, a button called Push Order will be shown. This button will allow you to retry to push the item to the desired partner.
One order can be integrated with many services, so for each provider Pressero will show the integration data.
Site User:
As with the Order page you will also see a tab for Embedded Services. This tab will only be shown if the user was synchronized with a Partner, here you will be able to see the user integration ID on the integrated partner.
Switching to Embedded Services Integration
For users that have the old integration, if you try to synchronize with Presswise it's possible that the orders will be duplicated there. To avoid this problem, on the site settings, avoid using the Synchronize Order options and use only the Synchronize Status. Once you are using the new integration exclusively for some time you can turn on the synchronization on orders without worrying about the duplication of orders being pushed. You may also want to activate the integration for one site to get started and then move the rest over when you are comfortable with the new processes. 
Integration rules
The order will only be pushed to the partner if they match the following rules:
  1. The Order is Paid (or is open terms)
  2. All order items are approved
  3. There are no pending eDocBuilder items
If the order fails because of one of those rules, the item will not be pushed until all rules have been met.