Preflight only

tFLOW > SmartPrep Library
Version: 1.0
Released on: 07/05/2017
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Proof:  Proof
Template file: NA
Sample file: NA
Generic preflight profile with variables
Check document size
Resize (with proportion handling options)
Check image resolution
Convert color to CMYK (optional - GRACoL, ISOCoated v2, ISOCoated 300, and other standards)
Convert spot colors (optional) while preserving special colors (excluded cut path and other special spots)
Check bleed
Add bleed (with options - removes current bleed if any)
Add Crop marks (optional - removes current marks if any)
Check if text is too close to trim
Check if image is too close to trim
Outline fonts (optional)
Check minimum font size
Add barcode (optional)
Check minimum line width
Check ink coverage
Add cut path (optional)
Overprint black (optional)
Knockout white (optional)
Embed fonts (invisible)
Fix page geometry (invisible)
Delete private application data (invisible)
Remove annotations from print area (invisible)
Flatten (optional)
Delete elements outside of media box (invisible)