How do you set up a subscriber for Presswise integration?

PRESSERO > *Integration information & Supported Services
1. The subscriber must provide the following information:
  • Pressero admin username/password with permission to view orders. Do not use brand master password. It is best to have an admin user devoted to the purpose, not reuse a general admin user.
  • PressWise authentication user/password. This is a user on the PressWise side, not the Pressero side.
  • PressWise authentication code. This is a string generated in the PressWise system, and is often a hexadecimal string of varying length (although we do have at least one customer using "pressero" as the auth code).
  • PressWise Url.  This is a full url that usually looks like http://{customername} It is provided by the PressWise system.
2. DevOps must use the info from #1 to provision PressWise.
3. The subscriber must enter a PressWise customer ID in the MISID field of any sites that should be integrated. This customer ID must be a pure number, digits only. 
4. The subscriber may enter a PressWise user ID in the MISID field of any users who may be involved in integration. It is preferred to leave this blank, but if not blank then it must be a pure number, digits only.